SDM provides consulting in the areas of Human Resource Development, Compensation & Benefits, Industrial Relations Problems, Company Regulations, Job Analysis-Description-Evaluation and Manpower Planning.

SDM focuses on efforts to maximize the value of human resources in our company by putting the right people in the right position and the right job field so that the company’s success can be achieved with the support of solid employees. Our Consultants are experts in a specific field and supported by experience as Director, Instructor, Writer and Speaker in human resources at several multinational and foreign companies and alumni from top universities in Indonesia and abroad so they can expected their expertise in fields that are handled.

Jobs Consultant of PT. SDM has high skills and expertise because our consultants can identify and diagnose problems and be able to think out of the box and be objective in dealing with client issues. After successfully identifying the root of the problem it will be offered several alternative solutions and solutions of all aspects along with the consequences that exist if the solution is selected. Because the core of this work is solving problems or a problem solver.

Besides that our consultants are always focused because the focus is a commitment that makes them a very expert in their field, always trying to direct the results towards a better, never satisfied with the achievement of the past, work faster and efficient and high integrity. They also do not impose the will on the solutions offered, have good knowledge, be able to ask the right questions that can lead to problem solving and long-term solutions.

In an era where the level of business competition is increasing where people will become more dependent to get specific ideas and knowledge to succeed, the work of our consultants is to assist clients in reaching a logical explanation and solution how things work around them to make final conclusions about how they will be able to move and overcome the problem.

There is no doubt that our consultants are very good at putting forward new, practical formulations in the field of human resources.